Post-graduate programs

DirectionsProgram (Specialization / Profile)HeadDepartment/ Laboratory
Physics and Astronomy
code 03.06.01
Devices and methods of medical physicsBelyaev V.N.35 Medical Physics
Biomedical technologies and devicesLoshchenov V.B.87 Department of Laser Micro- and Nanotechnology
Nanomaterials for biology and medicineKabashin A.V.Laboratory of Biononophotonics
Femtosecond laser physics and technologyKonov V.I.87 Laser micro- and nanotechnologies
Carbon photonicsKonov V.I.87 Laser micro- and nanotechnologies
Prospective semiconductor lasers and technologiesKrokhin O.N.88 Semiconductor quantum electronics
Chemical sciences
code 04.06.01
Pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognosyEpstein N.B.Pharmaceutical and radiopharmaceutical chemistry
Biological Sciences
code 06.06.01
RadiobiologyBelyaev V.N.35 Medical Physics