Scientific seminar


The regular meeting of the international scientific seminar “Engineering-physical technologies of Biomedicine”will be held on September 26, 2018. We invite everyone to take part!

On September 26, 2018, the reports will be presented at the scientific Seminar:

The Klimentov Sergey Mikhailovich, candidate of pH.-M. D., Deputy Director for science PhysBio, NRNU MEPhI, PhD IOPh RAN

Topic: “Mechanisms of ablation and breakdown of optical materials under the action of ultrashort laser pulses»

Sosin Dmitri Vitalyevich., K. b.N., head of the Center of biotechnology INPE NRNU MEPhI

Topic: “RNA technologies in modern medicine»

Venue: conference hall 3 floors of the main building, beginning at 16.15

For participation and registration of a pass to the MEPhI nnau, please contact the scientific Secretary of the Seminar – Maria Grigorieva (e-mail:, phone +7-926-312-5362, IP 9460)