Summer School “Biophotonics”

The International on-line Summer School “Biophotonics”

July 20-26, 2020

The International on-line Summer School “Biophotonics” for young scientists and students aims to expand their horizon in scientific achievements and applied issues of modern biophotonics.

The lectures embrace the following general topics:

  • origin of biophotonics
  • laser systems in medical diagnosis and therapy
  • synthesis of nanomaterials for biophotonic applications
  • bionanosensorics and fluorescent nanoparticles
  • optical methods for exploring the biomedical nanomaterials


Honor President of the International summer school «Biophotonics»

Professor Paras Prasad

University of Buffalo, New York, USA



Participants: Graduate and postgraduate students, senior students of the bachelor studying in programs related to Life Sciences and Medicine, as well as young scientists

Lectors: leading Russian and foreign researchers

The official language: English

Important information

  • School format is lectures, discussions and a virtual poster session for the trainees.
  • The School will be held via Zoom platform
  • Registration is free of charge
  • Registration deadline is July 17 of 2020
  • You can address questions directly to Organizers by

The trainees attending more than 70% of the lectures and presenting their poster at the virtual poster session can receive a certificate of successful completion of the international summer school course in biophotonics.

The International summer school «Biophotonics» is supported by the Russian Science Foundation (within the grant № 19-72-30012).

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