Enter master’s and postgraduate program in MEPhI!

On the 16th of February MEPhI has opened its doors for those who wants to apply for a master’s and postgraduate study. The University welcomed not only its own students, but also students of other universities.

Training of masters and post-graduate students at MEPhI is conducted in a wide range of advanced areas in science and technology, management and economics of high technologies. The basis of activity is cooperation with institutes and universities of the Russian Federation, CIS countries and abroad, as well as with Russian and international research centers, institutes of RAS, innovative enterprises.

MEPhI offers applicants the opportunity to study in 69 educational programs of master’s degree in 21 areas of training, as well as 15 areas of postgraduate training. 519 state-funded and about 200 paid places are allocated for admission to the master’s and 147 places – in postgraduate school.

The event included presentations by the Institute of Nuclear Physics and Engineering, the Institute of Laser and Plasma Technologies, the Institute of Engineering Physics for Biomedicine, the Institute of Nanotengineering in Electronics, Spintronics and Photonics, the Institute of Cyber Intelligence Systems, the Institute of Cyber-Physical Systems, the Institute of Financial and Economic Security, the Institute of International Relations, the Faculty of Business Informatics and Complex Systems Management and Higher School of Engineering.

The representatives of the Institutes and faculties of the University spoke in detail about the areas of training, about the features of training at MEPhI, about the subjects of scientific research, international student exchange programs, about the laboratory facilities and teachers, as well as about the key partners and prospects for employment of graduates of master’s and postgraduate courses.

In 2019, MEPhI will continue the admission in unique joint master’s programs implemented jointly with the Russian Foreign Trade Academy, JSC Atomstroyexport, Dukhov Research Institute of Automatics and the Russian Federal Nuclear Center VNIIEF (Sarov) and VNIITF (Snezhinsk). Detailed information about the programs can be found on the website of the Admission Commission(link is external).

At the end of the meeting, the Executive Secretary of the MEPhI Admission Commission I.V. Tsvetkov informed about the admission rules in 2019, entrance tests, required documents and individual achievements that will be taken into account. For example, those who are fellows of the scholarship of the President or the Government of the Russian Federation, winners and prize-winners of the Olympiad “I am a professional”, as well as international and all-Russian student Olympiads, are admitted in the master’s programs of MEPhI without entrance tests. A full list of individual achievements, as well as a list of supporting documents can be found on the website(link is external).

Next, he presented the main milestones of the Admission campaign 2019. Reception of documents will start on May 15 and will last until July 31. Already in June, MEPhI will organize the first serie of entrance examinations. August 8 will be the last day for the provision of the original document on education and consent to enrolment, and August 23 will be the final day of acceptance of documents for training under contracts. August 30 will be the day of admission to the state-funded and paid training.

It should be noted that students of the magistracy have a possibility of training at the Military department of MEPhI, after which graduates receive the military rank of “private” with enrolment in the reserve.

Detailed information on admission to the master’s and postgraduate studies of MEPhI can be found on the website of the Admission Commission of the University https://admission.mephi.ru(link is external).

The guests of the Open Day for those who would like to enter the master’s and postgraduate courses shared their plans for the future.

Alexey, MPEI, 4th year of undergraduate study: “I study quantum electronics, but it is not a very profile direction in my university. I want to improve my level, so I plan to enter the master’s program of MEPhI, LAPLAS Institute, even the Department has been already chosen.”

Essa, IIR MEPhI, 4th year of undergraduate study: “I’m going to continue training in IIR, because it provides a good language programs and wonderful basic technical training”.

Denis, HSE, 4th year of undergraduate study: “I’ve come to the Open Day of MEPhI, because I am interested in entering the master’s program in the direction of PhysBio or ICIS, I’m still choosing. Of course, the availability of training at the Military department is also attractive.”

Nikita, ICIS MEPhI, 2nd year of master’s degree study: “Now I am studying Computer science and I plan to enter postgraduate training in MEPhI also in this direction, because I plan to deepen in neural networks, to conduct research. In addition, I have plans to work in this direction.”