High technology medicine

Summer school «High technology medicine»

The International on-line Summer School

          «High technology medicine»

August 3–9, 2020

The International summer school «High technology medicine» provides an opportunity for students and young scientists to expand their knowledge in the field of advanced technologies of diagnostics and therapy.

Particular attention will be paid to various methods of medical imaging, machine learning technologies, data science, telemedicine, robotic surgery technologies, the use of artificial intelligence in the creation of expert systems and medical decision support systems.


Honor president

The International summer school «High technology medicine»

Professor Oleg B. Loran

S.P. Botkin City Clinical Hospital, Department of Urology and Surgical Andrology of the Russian Medical Academy of  Post-Graduate Education




Participants: Young scientists, graduate and postgraduate students, senior students of the bachelor studying in programs related to Life Sciences and Medicine

Lectors: leading Russian and foreign scientists and doctors in the field of high-tech medicine

The official languages: Russian and English

Important information

  • School format is lectures and discussions
  • The School will be held via Zoom platform
  • Registration is free of charge
  • Registration deadline is July 31 of 2020
  • You can address questions directly to Organizers by sum_sch@mephi.ru

The participants attending more than 80% of the lectures can receive a certificate of successful completion of the international summer school course in high technology medicine.

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Program committee

You can ask the School Organizers a question at sum_sch@mephi.ru