III International Symposium «Physics, Engineering and Technologies for Biomedicine» 

From 15 to 17 October 2018 will be held the III International Symposium on «Physics, Engineering and Technologies for Bio-Medicine»

The format of the Symposium:

  • invited lectures
  • poster session
  • youth competition 

Symposium topics:

Ø Bioimaging technologies and materials

Ø Bio-photonics for diagnosis and therapy

Ø Brachy-, Proton and Ion therapy methods

Ø Diagnosis methods, today and in the future

Ø Nanomaterials for biomedical applications

Ø Advanced materials and methods for MRI and PET

Ø Plasma and laser technologies for biomedicine

Ø Medical-biological aspects of radiation effects

Ø Immuno-therapy

Ø Isotopes for medical purpose

Ø Bioprinting

Ø Translational medicine

The Symposium proceedings will be published on the Knowledge E Publishing Platform (Web of science)

Deadline for registration : October 1, 2018



Institute of Engineering Physics for Biomedicine (PhysBio) of MEPhI