The 1st International Symposium on “Physics, Engineering and Technologies for Bio-Medicine” will be held in Moscow at the occasion of the foundation of the new Institute PhysBio at MEPHI’(Russia) on October 18-23, 2016.

The Symposium is organized under the auspices of  The Russian Ministry of Science and Education, The Ministry of Health and The  State Company Rosatom, by the Institute of Engineering Physics for Biomedicine(PhysBio), which has recently been established at National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute).

The PhysBio’s goal is to train highly-skilled personnel through the research and development in engineering physics for biomedicine, including nuclear medicine, material science, laser physics and biophotonic technologies

Conference topics

The Symposium is aimed to meet the leading scientists and experts in nuclear medicine, biophysics, biophotonics, and emerging fields to present their works and to give lectures on the following topics: 

  • Diagnosis methods, today and in the future  
  • Isotopes for medical purpose 
  • Brachy-, Proton and Ion therapy methods 
  • Immuno-therapy  
  • Nanomaterials for biomedical applications 
  • Bioimaging technologies and materials 
  • Advanced materials and methods for MRT and PET 
  • Plasma and laser technologies for biomedicine 
  • Medical-biological aspects of radiation effects 
  • Bio-photonics for diagnosis and therapy